Full Service Veterinary Practice

We offer a range of services in house whether you own a cat, dog or small breed animal. Take a look below to see some of the procedures we carry out in house. 



We help protect your pet against any potential diseases they could contract. By vaccinating your animal, you provide the best protection for it helping avoid any painful, distressing or fatal infections. Vaccines are one of our most common procedures, so get in touch to find out what vaccines are due for your furry friend

Health Checks

Our health checks ensure your furry friend is given a full assessment and examination by our vets. This covers weight, a general feel for any lumps and bumps, as well as checking the health of their teeth. 


Since 2016 it’s been mandatory to have your dog microchipped. With so many pets going missing, ensuring they’re chipped with your details offers the best chance of having them returned to you quickly. 


Pet Healthcare Plans 

Our Pet Care Plans offer preventative health care, instead of only visiting when your pet is ill our plans provide an easy solution to check ups and vaccines. It includes:

 Vet Visits - up to 12 per year
 Blood tests
A years supply of worm, flea and tick treatment.
Discounts on Dentals and Neuterings
From €16 per month
to sign up or call into the office

In-House Labs 

With our lab being situated at the surgery we can provide same day results for the majority of blood tests. These can be used to identify any illnesses or to confirm pregnancy in dogs as well as the  best  time for mating.


For all routine and most emergency surgeries we can perform these directly at the practice. As of 2017, the addition of Veterinary Orthopeadic Services, allows most orthopeadic procedures to be carried out in -house.


Pet Passports 

We can administer and help with pet passports, whether you’re travelling for a long break or looking to move abroad with your pet, get in touch with us to find out more.


If your pooch needs a bit of TLC and pampering, our receptionist is a qualified groomer ready to get that fur looking sharp and smelling fresh.

Pet Food 

We stock a specific range of pet food depending on your pet’s dietary needs. From the Foran range of treats to foods that help your pet lose weight, pop in to see our selection of pet food